Advertising campaign

The advertising campaign of the St. Petersburg International Motor Show has been developed on the basis of many years of experience in holding exhibitions and complies with all current trends in attracting visitors.

The basis of the new advertising strategy is the perspective model «Marketing 360 º»:

The modern consumer has learned to abstract from advertising, but each has 1 or 2 channels to which it is open, as it draws new information through them. This could be radio, television, or more modern sources, such as social networks, contextual advertising, or the influence of bloggers.

To reach the audience through the existing information noise and break through the «screens», we used the 360º Marketing concept - where information reaches the target audience through all possible communication channels and the consumer becomes the focus, with their needs, desires and requirements.

Particular attention in the advertising campaign in 2019 paid to the promotion of the exhibition in the network. A new system has been developed that allows integrating the information flow of the exhibition with the information flows of exhibitors and, creating unique content for the consumer, conduct an advertising attack using channels such as search engines, contextual advertising, social networks and newsletters.