About the Forum

International Automotive Forum

The International Automotive Forum "Russian Automotive Industry: Problems and Prospects for the Development of Production and the Automobile Market until 2025" will be held at the St. Petersburg International Auto Show in 2019, organized jointly with the "Association of Russian Automakers".

The forum will be held on 04 and 05 April 2019 and will consist of three areas:

1. Report of experts on the current state of the automotive market in Russia, problems and current trends. It is of interest to corporate clients and will provide an objective assessment of the market situation in the country, the prospects for its development and risks. It allows to understand how the market will look through 3, 5 and 7 years, to prepare for changes.

2. Speech by representatives of partner companies on existing tools and their practical application for gaining advantage in the coming years, taking into account market trends that are discussed in the first part of the forum. This section organically supplements the reports and gives an idea of ​​the tools that will help prepare for the upcoming changes, assess their advantages, effectiveness and establish contacts with representatives of these solutions.

3. Open lecture hall of exhibitors on the territory of the showroom. This part will be interesting for both corporate clients and visitors, who will get more information about the companies participants, their products and benefits.

More detailed information on the program of the forum, speakers and timetable will be posted after approval.

If you have a desire to present your report or speak at an open lecture hall, we are waiting for your suggestions by e-mail: mirauto@farexpo.ru