Forum Program

The program of the Forum provides for the holding of a plenary session and the subsequent holding of panel discussions to discuss the following issues:

Panel discussion number 1:

Key issues for discussion:

  1. Global trends in the development of the global automotive market and automotive technology.

  2. The development strategy of the automotive industry in Russia in the period up to 2025.

  3. On measures of state support and protection of the automotive market of the Russian Federation.

  4. Investment in the automotive industry.

  5. Import substitution

Panel discussion number 2:

Key issues for discussion:

  1. The development of the automotive component industry. Problems and solution of questions on the localization of the production of automotive components in the North-West region.

  2. Quality management for automakers and component suppliers.

  3. New technologies and materials in the automotive industry. Implementation problems.

  4. Digitalization of production. The introduction of professional standards.

  5. About protection against counterfeit products.

  6. On the development of exports of automotive vehicles and automotive components.

  7. Customs regulation and tax policy.

Panel discussion number 3:

Key issues for discussion:

  1. The main directions of development of intelligent transport systems, including unmanned vehicles.

  2. Creating a vehicle communication system, infrastructure and man.

  3. Solving problems on testing and certification of autonomous vehicles.

  4. Cybersecurity

Panel discussion number 4:

Key issues for discussion:

  1. New approaches in sales and maintenance of vehicles in the North-West region of the Russian Federation.

  2. On the development of the dealer and service and sales network of the automotive industry in the Russian Federation.

  3. On the interaction of dealers and automakers.

  4. New conditions for the sale of used cars through official dealerships.

Round table №1

«Road safety»

Round table №2

«On the conformity of products of the automotive industry of the Russian Federation with the technical regulations»

Business Contact Exchange

Forum participants will be able to conduct business negotiations with potential partners during the work of the Cooperation Exchange Forum.

To participate in the Forum, it is planned to invite leading industry experts, representatives of state and commercial structures, heads of regions of the Russian Federation, federal executive and legislative authorities, major Russian automakers, including "Association of Russian automakers". The forum is designed to facilitate the discussion of current problems and the development of effective solutions for the development of the automotive industry for the period up to 2025. The holding in 2019 of a major industry forum of federal significance can become an effective tool in shaping public policy and unite the efforts of the state and business aimed at the development of the Russian automobile industry.

We are sincerely glad to invite you to the St. Petersburg International Motor-Show 2019 and we hope that by accepting our invitation you will appreciate the rich and informative Auto Show Program in combination with the hospitality and beauty of spring St. Petersburg.