How can I keep abreast of the Motor Show news?
Do you want to be kept up-to-date of the latest Auto World news? Sign up for our newsletter at autoworldexpo.ru. Follow us in ВКонтакте, Facebook and Instagram.

Where can I buy the tickets?
You may buy tickets at our web-page autoworldexpo.ru
On 11-15 April, 2018 you may buy tickets in booking offices of Peterburgskiy Sport and Concert Complex (SCC).

When can I buy a ticket?
On-line booking at our web-site autoworldexpo.ru starts in December 2017. Track information at our web-site. You may also get tickets in SCC booking office on 11- 15 April 2018.

What shall I do if on-line booked ticket confirmation doesn’t come?
To get information about on-line sold tickets, please, contact us on the phone: +7(812) 777-04-04 or via e-mail: bn@farexpo.ru

Who may visit for free?
Free entrance is only for children under 7 years old.

Can I use a ticket several times a day?
Each ticket can only be used once.

Do you have free entrance for children, up to what age?
Yes, children up to 7 years may enter for free.

Do I need to order tickets in advance?
Tickets are available in SCC booking office during the Motor Show days. Therefore buying tickets on the spot should not be a problem.

Is it allowed to take photos and record videos at the Motor Show?
Photo and video shooting are allowed during the Motor Show operation an hour, in areas specially designed for the purpose, competitions and test-drives areas.